Information for Artists and Agents 

to Promote Shows

Venue Details for Promotion

the press. 
1009 Lincoln Ave.
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487
(970) 879-1292

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Minimum Promotion Required By Artist

  1. Send us a five-ten sentence BLURB/BIO for our website. A short description that would catch anyone’s attention, and describe your music accurately.
  2. Send us a high res JPG and a high quality VIDEO (to embed) for our website promotions.
  3. Send us your LINKS including website, Facebook, and Instagram. 
  4. List your SHOW DATE on your online tour calendar. 
  5.  Post show announcements on all of your SOCIAL MEDIA and tag us @thepresssteamboat on Facebook and Instagram.
    IMPORTANT: If you are creating a Facebook Event, please add us as a co-host as to avoid duplicate events.
  6. INFORM your fan base of the venue however else makes sense to you. 

Send the above information (1-3) to [email protected]. Please include any additional questions or information concerning promoting your show in your email.


How We Promote YOU

At minimum, we will do the following promotion for your show:

  • Post your event on our WEBSITE www.thepresssteamboat.com with a URL specific to your show. 
  • Post a listing in the Steamboat Pilot Happenings (local NEWSPAPER)
  • We make POSTERS for our events up to a week before the show if the bands do not prefer to make their own. We have had bands in the past that pay people to post them around town for extra promotion. We typically only post them in our street window and online (depending on available media materials). 
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: We will post photos you provide us or posters we make to our social media accounts and tag you.